Thursday, September 18, 2008

Gift for Norma...

This is a birthday gift I gave to my BFF for her birthday on Monday. She was very appreciative!

I made her 3 sets of the same 8 cards, but used different papers for each set. I tied each set up (including envelopes) with matching ribbon. In the above photo, I used SUs Ginger Blossom papers. Here's a couple of pictures of the other papers I used for the other 2 sets (below):


And this is the paper that came with the original Just Because Card Kit:

To wrap the gift, I decorated a gift bag and made a matching 'quilt' card (thanks to Nona Davenport for the instrucions), because Norma is really into quilting right now. I ended up adding 3 buttons (black, colonial white and hollyhock) onto the bottom left corner of the 'For You' square on the gift bag after I took the photo.

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We are the Moses tribe. said...

Vicki, all of this is wonderful. Your BFF is a very lucky person. It's also on my to-do list to recreate the Just Because cards with different papers as you have done.


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