Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My Swap Cards for the Humble Artists Swap Group (for May 10th)

Well, I'm hoping my cards will make it to their destination... I mailed them out last week on Thursday, only to have them returned because the gal at the post office didn't put enough postage on them. So they came back to me. I re-mailed them yesterday morning, after adding more postage, and I am really hoping that they are on the move because my husband called me this morning to tell me that the Charlie Lake Store is on fire. It's our little community store/gas station/post office. So my son is also home from school today because his school is next door to the store. (I also mailed out a big parcel of blog candy to the winner of my blog candy, so I'm really hoping it's not sitting there... but at least I had the feeling that it needed insurance, so I added that last minute! Thank goodness for intuition, eh?)

Anyways, I'm now anxiously awaiting to hear if these will arrive... (((fingers, knees and toes crossed)))


Chris said...


I checked out the pix of the CL store. Yikes! Also, can't believe the Fort has finally burnt down. Hope you are well. I will email in a bit with my new BLOG address. I have to get it going!


Amy Heinen said...

I love this card!1 It is just beautiful!!


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