Sunday, July 19, 2009

We were THIS close!!!

Whew, what a day we had on Saturday. Lee and I drove to Grande Prairie, which is a 2 1/2 hour drive from here, to go see his Dad and about 1/2 hour from GP, someone crossed the centre line and came towards our truck. I wasn't driving, so I didn't see them until right before... I'm still in shock as to how it all played out. I saw the truck coming right towards our front left and next thing I knew, Lee swerved and they took out our mirror. The really surprising thing is that the only thing damaged was the driver's side mirror. There were rub marks all the way down the side of our truck, but no other damage. At those speeds, I'm amazed we didn't have a head-on. It all happened so quickly. Someone was looking out for us. They had to be because that truck was too close to not hit our front end. I can still see it extremely vividly.

We pulled over a few seconds later after driving over a little hill in the highway, discussing what to do. Lee saw what we believed to be the truck come back over the hill behind us, pull over and get out to pick something up off the highway, and get back in their vehicle. They waited for traffic to pass and then blew a U-turn and took off. I'm still PO'd that they didn't come to talk to us. Wow. We ended up continuing on our day, mirrorless. We looked over the truck after we got to my Father-in-law's and I found a piece of black plastic from either their mirror or ours tucked inside the gas flap. Weird.

In talking with Lee, he said he looked in the rearview mirror and saw that these people were completely in our lane once we swerved out of their way. He also said that they weren't passing anyone and couldn't figure out what happened because he swore that the driver was looking straight forward, but we'll never know what really caused it.

The wierdest part for me is that I have had a feeling all last week that while driving, people were coming across the center line at me, but they really weren't. I just thought my imagination was over-reacting for some reason. And I didn't react to the accident the way I thought I would. Instead I was really quite calm and I haven't had that feeling anymore of people crossing the line since then. I'm more relaxed now.

Once again I'm reminded that I really need to learn how to listen to my "feelings" better. I can't seem to differentiate what is just a feeling to what is really going to happen. Next time I get the repetative nagging thoughts/feelings, I'm going to listen. :)


Dawn said...

Holy cow! That sounds so scary! I am so grateful you were spared. It is so weird when we have those premonition-like feelings (and ignore them).

I hope you find some peace today.

Anonymous said...

Vicki you deserve to rest and reflect today. Isn't God good to us in keeping us safe in wacky weird situations? Remember too that His timing is perfect and if you had been a second earlier or later you may not have escaped major damage. Hugs for a blessed week for deserve it and hugs that you can relax.

Jamie Harder said...

Wow! I am so relieved that you are scary. My cousin had a similar situation last week with a semi and he swerved too but the truck did hit the one side of his car. He broke a million bones but will be ok. Too cool and totally amazing you were having those premonition feelings!! So important to listen to ourselves isn't it? Take care!!

Ava said...

OMG! What a terrifying experience! I am so glad that your guardian angel was watching over you and that you both are not hurt.
I can't believe those people did not stop and talk to you, at least to make sure no one was hurt. They just scored a bunch of really bad kharma!
Sometimes these kind of life experiences give us the chance to reflect on how great life is, and appreciate what we have a little more. I'm so glad you are safe and unhurt!
sending you virtual *hugs*

Sarah said...

Oh my gosh! You have a guardian angel looking out for you! There are usually no second chances traveling that fast on a highway! I hope you get to rest today and relax!

Leslie said...

I am so thankful that you were not hurt. The Lord was with you. Thankful too that your husband is such a good driver.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I thank God that you are both alright. You're right about those "feelings". They can be creepy, but they happen for a reason. Again, I'm so happy that everyone is okay.

Crafty Jenn said...

Holy smokes! I'm glad you and your husband are ok. Thank goodness he was quick to realize and react.

I've often had those feelings of premonition or dejavu. It's definately important to pay attention to them. It's crazy to know that your mind know's things before you realize them.

Laurie said...

We just had one of those close-calls this week too...on our motorcycle. There was absolutely NO WAY we were NOT going down...on the FREEWAY in heavy traffic. I was surprised mostly, like you, the calmness as it happens. Just like you hear people say everything went into super slow motion....glad we both had our angels with us!!! SHEW!

Sharli said...

Oh dear, Vicki. How frightening!
I do listen, very carefully now, to those warnings. I just try to not let them control my life. I am SO thankful that you are safe - isn't it a miracle that you are safe? I know you had guardian angels watching over you, but you also had an aware and intelligent driver. Thank God! Please thank your husband for me - I'm very, very glad you are safe. (both of you)

Christina said...

Wow!!! Praise the Lord! He was definitely looking out for you that day! I'm glad you guys are ok and sorry for the jerk that just took off!!

Oma said...

Scary stuff! I'm so happy for you that everything turned out sort of OK.

While driving home from my Dad's house the day my Mom passed away, a transport truck pulled into our lane to pass another truck. My hubby had to pull into someone's driveway. I don't know who was more upset, us or the trucker who was passed. He laid on his air horn and then stopped up the road and ran back to make sure we were OK. He told us that he got the guy's license plate and intended to report it to the police. I don't know if he did report it but he was genuinely concerned especially when my hubby told him that my Mom had passed away that day.

I also lost my driver's side mirror when I hit a rubber cone shaped construction marker when the person beside me started to drift into my lane. Not another scratch on my car and my mirror was left dangling.


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