Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Halloween post... yes, I'm a little late posting!

Life around here seemed to have gotten rather busy over the last little while, so now I'm playing catch up.

Here's pics of the matchbook treats that Cole handed out to his classmates for Halloween. The Dracula one was for his teacher. (The original idea for the Lifesavers candy eyes in a Matchbook came from Carrie Gaskin, and the idea for Frankie and Fangs cover designs came from fellow CTMH Consultant Kimberly Nielsen.)

This is what 30 matchbooks look like...

And this is Cole in this year's costume. We couldn't find a costume his size in town (go figure), so he picked out one online and we ordered it for him. I think he liked the idea that it had oozing blood. All he had to do was squeeze a hand pump shaped like a heart, and it pumped fake blood through the chest making it look like it was oozing from the bones. Gross! But he thought it was cool... which I guess is what matters.


Katy said...

These are SO CUTE!!!! What a creative twist!!

Sarah said...

Such a cool costume and your treats are just wonderful!!!


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