Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Construction... {just house building talk & pics}

This is looking towards our Master bedroom, ensuite & walk-in closet.  The large opening in the wall will eventually be garden doors.

This side is the dining room (with the large opening for another set of garden doors), and in the far corner with the window will be our laundry/furnace room.  The doorway comes in from the garage into a mudroom, which will lead into the kitchen.

I'm excited to see what they get done today.  I think most of the outer walls should be up by tonight.

This is from the lakeside/front of the house, with our master bedroom closest in the picture.

The part that juts out will be our living room with expansive windows.

It's actually starting to look big now.  It looked so small when it was just the foundation.
Just think, eventually there will be another floor on top!

These are views from across the other side of the lake.  You can see that we are up a ways and will have great views when we're done.  There's a nice wide trail down to the water, where one day we will have a dock. 

Well, I don't have any crafts to share.  I've been feeling under the weather lately and just not in a crafty mood.  Hopefully soon whatever is ailing me will pass and then I can get crafty with it!


...Darlene said...

What a beautiful home you are building it will be a joy when completed.

Kim Harper said...

That is so exciting to see it start out as a site and then end up with a beautiful home! Each day is one step closer to reality! Thank you for sharing - your view will be breath taking!

Karen Pedersen said...

SO EXCITING, Vicki! Thanks for sharing!

Dawn said...

Looks like a little slice of heaven sweetie!
How fun to watch it from the ground up.
Take care of yourself and hope you are up and going as usual real soon.

Joanne Jay said...

Your new home looks wonderful and I love the scenery...But, where is the Craft Room going to be/the whole upper floor? Enjoy watching it grow....

Kandi said...

Wow, how exciting, I just love house stuff! Can't wait to follow along on your journey. Hope you feel better soon! Take care of yourself. :)

Amy said...

Just a huge WOW here! Wow...ok I wow wow! This is an amazing location. Wow I cannot wait to watch this project come together. WOW. I somehow missed that you were building. I am so glad you decided to share the progress and cannot wait to see more. I am so happy and excited for you. I will end now with another WOW.

Sharon Hoecherl said...

Building a new home is so exciting, I remember doing that once upon a time and remember the feeling that it was looking so small to begin with. Beautiful spot overlooking the lake, I'm sure you will love it!


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