Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Blog Candy Winner!

Well, I had quite a few people take guesses as to who was "more" correct, me or Lee, on the size of our new home and what you all thought might be the square footage.

I was surprised that only 2 people thought Lee was correct... and HE was!  So that narrowed the competition down right away.  I really saw that women tend to stick up for each other, though.  ;)

The guesses on the square footage ranged anywhere from 1800 sq. ft. up to 3600 sq. ft.  It's actual size according to our construction plans is 4498.7 sq. ft. (not including the garage of 852.1 sq. ft.).  It totally doesn't show it in the photos, does it?  Even walking around in it, I would never guess it was that size, so that's partly why the debate with my husband.   LOL  Well that and the fact that when we were picking out our plans, we went with this house in part because it was only 3158 sq. ft.  Only to find out later that didn't include the bonus room over the garage, and that we added a little over 500 sq. ft. more to have a proper laundry room and to make our master bedroom and bathroom larger.  So I still had the 3600 range in my mind and was not being convinced by Lee in no way was it 4500.  Yikes.  Now I have to look forward to cleaning that sucker!  hehe

So that means that the winning guesses belong to:

Twyla Norris

Congrats Twyla!  (Can you contact me so I can get your mailing address?)


Deneen said...

Wat to go Twyla!! Your on a roll, maybe you should buy a 649 ticket, lol:)

Sharli said...

Holy Cow Vicki - that's a LOT of house!!! LOL It's so beautiful - the photo you posted with the view of it from across the lake, I would have guessed that big . . .


Anonymous said...

Quite a show place. It looks gorgeous. But I can't believe it is that big. My house is 1800 sq. ft. with a lower level partly finished (I don't think that counted in the sq. ft.) and I hate to clean that much. God bless you to keep a place 2.5 times that clean. Can't wit for finished pictures. Maureen

Twyla Norris said...

Hooray...thank you so much! My address is:
Twyla Norris
Box 28
Conquest, SK
S0L 0L0

Your house is so gorgeous...I cannot wait to see it finished. Are you picking out furniture and decorations, yet?

Please keep posting your progress, so we can share in your dream.

(Though I will have to admit that my 1400 square feet is plenty of house for me to clean after 3 little ones).

Yes, Deneen, it would seem that I have been pretty lucky lately. It really is too bad that I don't gamble...I might be rich already!


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