Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My baby is 10...

My Leo/Dragon baby.  Hard to believe, but he turned the double digits yesterday.  Makes me meloncholy in a way. 

This photo is him... in a nutshell.  Happy-go-luckiest kid I know, always laughing, making jokes out of EVERYTHING, and even when he's down it doesn't last longer than a few minutes and he's good to go again.  Think "class clown" and you've got him nailed.  He's a great friend to all, helpful, and so kind-hearted.

Speaking of his heart, I'll tell you a little story that happened at school last Fall/Winter.

We'd had some snowfall, but it was early in the winter, where you knew it wouldn't last too long.  During recess/lunch, there was a young girl on the Primary end that was trying to build a snow fort, but there were a bunch of Intermediates who were destroying what she'd built.  Cole found her crying and offered to help her rebuild.  He came home that day all excited and asked if he could take a bunch of Jolly Rancher candy (that we had in the cupboard for who knows how long) so he could "pay" the kids who would help them each day.  He had a sign-up sheet with a bunch of signatures on it of kids who were willing to do it for "pay".  So how could I say no?  Off he went to school the next day, candy in backpack, determined to get the job done.  I think they worked on it for about a week, until the candy ran out and the snow melted.  ;)

That's how he rolls!  I am a proud Mom.  And I love this not-so-little (anymore) guy so much!  :)

Happy 10th birthday, Cole!

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Dawn said...

Oh that brought tears to my eyes! Happy birthday to your special man. Hang on tight and enjoy every minute because they just fly by so quickly.


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