Friday, August 27, 2010

Slowly but surely... and some Candy

I have lots of pictures of the house.  It's at a bit of a slow stage, as the roof is taking a lot longer than the framers anticipated.  They are hoping to have the roof sheeted sometime next week, which will be good because it's been a bit rainy here lately and my house keeps getting wet and muddy...  ;)

This picture shows the ceiling beams in the living room.

This is looking up from the large living room windows to where my son's bedroom will be.  His window is huge and he has a great view out the back, and out the front from where his doorway will be.

This is looking from the living room up towards the loft area, a storage room, and my future scrapbooking room above the garage.

Again looking through the loft, storage room, and you can see the doorway into my scrappin' room.

This is the view of our house from the driveway side.

These next pictures are going from the back left side of the house and working your way around to the right in a circle...  This one shows the masterbath, main entrance, main bath, spare bedroom on the lower level, and the media room and Cole's bedroom on the upper floor.  There is also another bathroom between the media room and Cole's bedroom, but it's more central and has no exterior window.

This one shows the main entrance, kitchen, mudroom and garage on the lower level, and the loft, storage room and scrappin' room on the upper level.

This is the garage, with my scrappin' room above.

This one is of the garage, laundry/electrical room, dining room, and living room on the lower level, and my scrappin' room, storage room, loft, and vaulted ceiling in the living room on the upper level.

And this last picture is of the master bedroom, with the master bath on the side without a window (the window faces the other side) and there is also a walk-in closet on the lower level, and the media room is on the upper floor.

It's getting more and more exciting.


So, onto the candy...  I'm going to run a little contest just for fun.  It's been fairly heavily debated (mostly between me and Lee) on the square footage of the house, less the garage because I don't count the garage as "livable space".  I kept telling my hubby that it was one size and he kept telling me it was another.  I looked again at the plans to see who was closer in the debate.  Guess who won???

Leave me a comment with who you think was right and just for fun give me a guess on the square footage.  The person who guesses the correct answer as to who was right along with the closest guess on the size will win something from me....(one comment per person, please). 

Yikes!  What do I have to offer?   I've been heavily cleaning out my stash of stuff lately, so let me find something I can offer.........(running off to look.... insert annoying music of your choice here...)

.....Okay, I'm back.  I have a D-sized stamp set called Cherish the Moment up for grabs.  It was the May Stamp Of the Month, so it's not available for purchase.  (If you are a Consultant and you already have this set, you can still enter my draw, but I'll send you a hand-made item instead, something using new product that you can use for displaying if you wish to do so.)

So good luck, and as the Templar Knight said on the Indiana Jones The Last Crusade movie, "Choose wisely..."  LOL

I'll draw a name on August 31st, so that gives you until Tuesday at 12 pm (noon) Pacific Standard Time to leave me a comment with your answer/guess.



Sonya Rissler said...

My guess is 2010 square feet without the garage. I think your guess was closest. I hope your build continues to go smoothly and the weather cooperates!

Anonymous said...

I am thinking mom knows best! and it is 1800 sq. feet. Looks gigantic but I am betting not. Maureen

Karen Day said...

I'm quite envious of your future scrap room... especially those 2 windows that face the lake! I think you were correct (garages don't count!) and I think you'll have 2300 sq. feet :o)

Dawn said...

I am thinking you were right and total footage would be 2800 just a rough guess
It has been fun to watch the progress.

Kim said...

What a beautiful looking home so far. Can't wait to see the finished project. Anyways I think that you guess right and I think that the square footage is about 2200. Good luck with the rest of the house building.

Crafty Jenn said...

Looks like things are progressing nicely with your house. Hopefully the roof gets finished before the rain decides to stick around!

Since your loft space looks as big as my ENTIRE condo (Lol!), I'm guessing 2600 sq. ft. And since I have to "choose wisely", I'm guessing that you were right!

<3 Jenn

Anonymous said...

my quess 3200, looks amazing and the views are beautiful

Leslie said...

Of course you are right. In real estate you only give the dimensions of the heated/cooled living space. Unless, in my instance, your garage happens to be air conditioned as it was the model house and the garage was used for the office.
My guess for your square footage is 3200 sq ft living space.

Elin K. said...

2000 sq ft is my guess, including the bonus room but NOT the garage.

I'm betting your guess was closer...simply because it "counts" more when we wives know about these things!

Tammy said...

What a beautiful house! I would say it is 2400 feet!

Laurie Logan said...

That will be one BEAUTIFUL home for your family to enjoy for many years to come! My guess is 3100 square feet without the garage.

stampladyri said...

I am guessing that the Mrs, was right! :-) My guess is 3400sq ft. Your home is going to be beautiful! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

jperr said...

My guess is that you are right.
I love the layout.Im envios of your scrap room.

shreenanh said...

My guess is 3501 sq ft and since woman are always right you were. Best wishes to you and your family in you new home.

Twyla Norris said...

I am going to take a guess that it is about 3200 square feet and I am going out on a limb here and going to say HE was right. Why, you may ask...well because we women are always right, so this is like giving him a headstart...and also because no one else thinks a man could be right once in awhile!

Jen Price said...

Lol Vicki, I'm going to guess 3600 sq ft with you being right :)

Debbie DP said...

I am guessing you are right and it is 4000 sq feet.

Anonymous said...

Wow. When can I move in!!! Its a mansion in the sky! Of course, women are always right and have the right to void a mans view. Lol. I guess 3400 square feet. Awesome.

Duboismd @ charter dot net

JoAnn Porter said...

I think You were right or at least closer in square footage since I know when we built our house I was closer in size then my husband. And from the pictures I would love to have your new house ad the view. But as to the size I think the size with out the wonderful 3 car garage would be approx. 2960 sq feet. Hope you get to move in soon as I know I would be very impatient.JoAnn

Gretel from Oahu said...

Okay, I guess you were it a woman's intuition. For square footage, I think I'll go with 3,277. Yeah, I'm skeptical that it's a rounded off number:) Where we live, that would be about palace sized!

Melinda said...

I think you were closer and I am guessing 3000 sq feet. It looks so pretty and the locate is wonderful

Amy Bowe said...

I am guessing 2900 sq ft... and that you were right!!!

Dawn Montagano said...

Men count the garage because that is the space that is important to them (and he can live there if he Your pictures are beautiful and it looks large so I am guessing 3350 and that you were right in the bet. :)

ewilgenbusch said...

My guess is 2780 square feet. I'm sorry but I think your husband was right.... :) Beautiful home!!

Chris said...

Hey Vicki! My guess on square footage is 3400. Your house looks great! I, on the other hand, have downsized from the whole basement to a tiny room as my scraproom. You will think you have moved into a palace! Enjoy it! Oh, and I think you have the correct square footage.



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