Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Boring School Binders???

Boring school binders??? 
Why not make them a little more fun? 

Cole just began Grade 5 today.  This is his first year that his school supply list included binders.  The binders we picked out for him have pockets to slide sheets into on the front, back and spine.  So I just had to do something to decorate them somehow didn't I?  This is what I came up with this morning.  I thought I'd share with those of you who have school-aged children. 

I have a pack of SU Storybook DSP (retired or retiring, not sure) that I hadn't used for anything yet and I thought these would be perfect for Cole to make his binders uniquely HIS.  I trimmed the 12x12 sheets so the left side "wraps" around to the spine.

He can slide the front pieces out and colour them -- in his spare time, of course! 
The best part is that he loved the idea.  ;)

Don't ya just luv new school supplies? 
That was always the best part of returning to school... for me at least.  ;)


Sharli said...

Way cool!!! Yes, I loved the new supplies, the clean notebook paper (with no errors - yet) and the smell of new, perfect, unbroken crayons! {{{deep sigh}}}

I think it's why I get involved in the back-to-school project at church- just so I can touch and smell all the new stuff!!


Holly/Rubber Redneck said...

Great idea!! Way cool! :)

SamieVt said...

Too funny. Mine started 6th grade a few weeks ago and was complaining about remembering which binders for which class ... I whipped out some stamps and created some pretty cool binders. He was the talk of his class on the first day!!

michongarf said...

Thats neat! My daughter loooves to put stickers all over hers!


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