Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving! (and some house photos, too)

I just want to wish all my fellow Canadian's a
Happy Thanksgiving today!

And I thought I'd take this opportunity to share some photos of our home.  These I took a couple of weeks ago now.  The insides are being worked on by the electrician, so not too much for changes going on lately to report.  The plumber should be starting this week, I believe, and the siding guys in a week or two.

Since these pics were taken, the windows have all been installed, the roofing completed, and all the interior walls/closets, ect. have been framed.  Oh, and I now have stairs from the garage that go right up to the bonus room, which is my scrapbooking room!  Love it!

That's me in the media room looking around, probably hiding from the camera.

In the living room area where you can see the little ladder up on some scaffolding:  that's where the wood-burning fireplace will eventually be in that corner against the wall.  It will be built in with a ton of rockwork surrounding it from floor to ceiling.  Think rustic cabin, with a big chunky wood mantle and a nice sized hearth to sit upon and that's what I'm envisioning when it's completed.

Hope you all are enjoying your long weekend!



Karen Pedersen said...

Thanks for sharing your home progress with us. It's so much fun to join in your excitement!

Nancy Ball said...

WOW Vicki, your new home is coming along so quickly. It is beautiful and thanks for sharing pictures.

Romaine said...

Happy Thanksgiving from a fellow British Columbian! Your house looks like it will be beautiful-how exciting!


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