Saturday, November 6, 2010

Okay, okay, more house pics...

My FIL (as well as others) has requested that I post more pics of the house, so here we go...

The biggest change to see is the siding that is going up.  Next spring when it warms up, we will get the rockwork done on all the areas that are showing the white Typar paper, and around the bottoms of all the posts at the main entryway.

On the inside, most of the electrical is done, and the plumber is nearing being finished, too.

We have to do some work ourselves to get the inside beams wrapped with protective plastic, and cover all the exterior gaps on the upper floor where the roofing doesn't quite meet the walls, so then the spray-foam insulators can come in around mid-month to do their job.  They can start after the electrical has been inspected.  Of course after it's been insulated, there's a ton of work left to do on the inside.  And we are still waiting on the ever-busy sewer guy... that work needs to get done before we can finish backfilling the dirt around the house.

Here's the rest of the pics.

Oh, and the picker came in and put up the chimney chase yesterday, too. 


Sharli said...

So beautiful - those huge windows will provide the most spectacular views . . . and they make the house seem so open and inviting! I'm impressed with the progress!

Sheila Bennett said...

Your house looks wonderful - so big, and such a wonderful view.

Melanie said...

The house is coming along BEAUTIFULLY! I LOVE IT and am SOOO envious of your view! I can't wait for more updates! Hope everything else is going wonderfully for you!


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