Monday, January 17, 2011

A Snow Day... Really?!

Okay, so living in Canada, it's not often that we take a snow day, or even call it a snow day.  I had a call this morning from the school district that all the school buses aren't running today.  I definitely know that my car won't make it into the more than 1 ft. of snow in the driveway at the new house, at least not until we get it plowed out.  So with Cole not going to school, I'm taking a snow day.  The hubs has to go out into the "field" today for work, so he can't be our taxi driver.  The joys of living out of town...

I got only one day in on priming the walls, and don't even have all of the living room done yet... that tall wall is just too tall for me to tackle (it's a fear of heights thing... I figure I must have died in a previous life from a terrible fall or something... lol.  Which also must mean that I must have died from being attacked by bees too then, because of my irrational fear of bees... or maybe I was being attacked by killer bees and ran to the edge of a cliff and fell...  haha... okay, back to reality!).  So anyways, we gotta bring in the big guns for that one.  ;)  Our main builder/framer is slow for work right at this moment, so he's offered to do the work of painting those scary-to-paint spaces.  Thank goodness!  I think we'll be taking him up on that...

So a day stuck at home... what to do, what to do?  I think I'll have to fit some crafty time in. :)


On a side note, I won't be to the post office until Wednesday morning and will do all my mail-outs then.

Happy creating!  :)

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