Friday, October 5, 2012

Count My Blessings... and the ebb and flo of blogging

I was inspired by a card I saw on Pinterest, that had used burlap to mat the main image on.
Loved it and had to make one myself using what I had on hand for stamps, ect.
Of course I thought I had either re-pinned  the photo or at least liked  it, but alas, I guess I hadn't.
So now I can't credit where I got the inspiration from.
But I was inspired!
So a cyber thank you  to whoever you are.
I apologize for my lack of posting lately.
I've been feeling a little blogging burn-out.
I'm still puttering in my scrap room, and creating, just haven't been photographing, editing, and typing up blog posts, which is really quite time consuming.
Most of the time it feels like I'm talking to a wall, as well, with little to no response.
So I guess I'm also re-evaluating and questioning, "what's the point?"
What am I personally gaining from having a blog?
Little to nothing.
Sad, really.
I'm not feeling as fulfilled as I used to, as far as blogging goes.
I can't quite put it all into words as to how I've been feeling, but I feel the pull of change.
Ebb and flo.
  Hoping it passes soon.  ;)
Supplies used (all CTMH unless otherwise noted):
Paper:  Saddle, Colonial White, Ruby CS
Stamps:  A Friend Like You, Treetops - retired, Backgrounds and Borders - retired
Inks:  Saddle, Chocolate, Sweet Leaf, Olive
Embellishment:  Burlap ribbon
Other:  Owl punch - heart shape (SU)


Gina Brandstetter said...

Vicki, I just wanted to let you know that YOU INSPIRE me! Whenever I see your blog bolded in my reader I can't WAIT to see what new thing you have created. You are incredibly talented and I know you probably inspire many more people beside just me!

I agree, at times I also feel I'm 'talking to a wall'. People are like window shoppers.... they look, admire and move on most of the time without stepping in to sell hello. But hopefully they have left our 'windows of art' to come back and visit and be inspired once more.

and by the way... LOVE your card! Another use for burlap I'll have to try out!

KEEP Bloggin' :)

Karen Pedersen said...

I feel your pain. I think that sometimes when we put so much into sharing on our blogs and don't get quite as much response as we'd hoped we think that no one out there is really looking and reading. Not true. Take me, for example. I look at your blog daily. I comment every once in a while but I love your blog and the inspiration I get here. In fact, one of the layouts I designed yesterday was inspired by one of yours. I'll bet there are lots of blogs that give you inspiration that you don't always comment on as well. I know, without a doubt, that your blog brings others happiness and inspiration because I'm one of them. I hope it 'passes soon' too because your posts and artwork are wonderful. Hang in there. I think as women, we have so much on our plates that occasional burnout is normal. Keep smilin'!

TraceyJean said...

I am constantly inspired by you, usually at work when I should be doing something else ;)

Amy Gehring said...

I love your blog and your artwork. I'm an avid follower - but am guilty of not commenting on your lovely work. Even though I know it is a lot of work to post things, I hope you don't quit. I would miss seeing all your wonderful artwork.

Thanks for sharing!

Greetings from Gail said...

You have inspired me since I became a consultant with CTMH nearly 2 years ago. But I know I don't leave comments on blogs very often - and not enough even on the bulletin boards. But I know the feeling you are expressing - you spend all the time creating and sharing, but don't know what the response is. The cyber community is funny - you don't see them or know when they are there - but they are. And we APPRECIATE all that you do to inspire us. You have helped me be faster with my photo editing, and with ideas about so many projects. Thank you for always being willing to share - and the time that it takes.
THANK YOU - and the burlap touch on the card is perfect! I am using it in my clubs this month, so will add this touch to another sample!

Michele said...

I love your blog and have been a follower for a long time. I hope you keep blogging. I don't always comment but I always look. Keep on posting. You are not talking to the wall.

Nancy Ball said...

Vicki, I too am inspired by your artwork and blog every time you post. I do tell me clubs of other consultants who have inspired a card they are making at a class. I am guilty, however, of not always posting comments.
I too feel the blah sometimes of updating and keeping current with a blog....but after convention, I have an ever changing EQ (Enough Quotient). I hope you continue posting because I know I would sorely miss seeing your blog.

Tammy said...

I AM SO INSPIRED BY YOU!!!! I love my kindle but get frustrated when typing on it so...I confess I tend to be a window shopper. Please forgive me and keep blogging. Your work is beautiful!

Dawn said...

Hi Vicki,

I understand how you can start to question what the pay back is to ourselves with the effort that goes in to blogging. The talent you possess and so generously share is appreciated with every piece of art you choose to post.
I think it is perfectly understandable to share when you want to share and just enjoy the process of crafting when that is the most you feel like putting in to it.
Either way, thank you for your creativity and great talent. You do inspire, more than I bet you know.

Allisa said...

Hi Vicki, just a note to let you know that I truly enjoy your blog and looking at the artwork that you create. You have such talent. I love your work! I hope you are able to continue with your blog. I agree on the time constraints though...I spend more time taking the photos and writing my post than I spend on creating the actual projects!

Casandra Bennett said...

I think we've all been there. Some days, I just feel so un-inspired to come up with the right words to tell my story about a project. And then there are times when I don't get a single response and I feel sad. I always find something to be inspired about on your blog, so I hope you will continue. I have to say with this particular card, something that always amazes me with your craftiness is the ability to background stamp. You really have it down to a science. I would love to hear your "secret" to getting things to match up so nicely. *Hugs* to you, Miss Vicki.

Anonymous said...

I love seeing what you create. I've always hesitated to comment since I didn't have a log in and thought you needed one to post.

Thank you for inspiring many cards, layouts, and projects!

Jeanie B said...

Vicki - I also get excited when I see your name in bold on my reader. You have inspired me for a long time - before I became a consultant - I came across this blog about a Wizard ?? What? - and have been looking ever since. Thanks for the reminder that I need to leave a comment when I look. I can't imagine how hard it is to post such beautiful pictures all the time - I can barely find time to create, much less take a pic, edit it and blog about it. So while I understand your ebb and flo I hope you get back to the "flo". Thanks so much.

Anonymous said...

Please don't stop blogging Vicki! I love your blog and am constantly inspired by your creative genius :) I too am hoping it 'passes soon'.

Keep Smiling :)


taraklaassen said...

Vicki, please don't stop blogging, we would miss you too much. You are always an inspiration to me even if I don't take the time to leave a comment. I'll try to do better:)

Kim said...

I am ALWAYS, AWAYS inspired by your blog and artwork! Please keep posting. You are truly talented!! Kim

Jody Gustafson said...

I have to ditto Karen and Gina. I visit your blog every day and share it with many others. Right now I'm using your scrapbook pages at your Flirty blog hop as inspiration for my Scrapbook Bunco. Look at your members 733: Wow! You inspire thousands. Your creativity is so amazing that not many can match. I feel your funk. It will pass. God bless you as you give to all of us.

canadian_liner said...

Hopefully its a temporary case of seasonal affective disorder...(see, you NEED to spend more time getting that good UV under your Ott-lite with your camera!). We your fans just soak up your creations. I agree its sad not to get feedback, but I even like looking at the number of site views and knowing that at least people are peeking at my work. As the current expression goes, "keep calm and soldier on..."
Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

Amy said...

I know exactly how you feel and made myself very aware of taking time to leave comments on blogs and the BB's and Pinterest and Instagram and Facebook! Whew...
I enjoy leaving comments though, because honestly when my mojo is missing I find so much inspiration in all of these avenues!

I believe others are inspired, but simply don't have the time to share. If posting on your blog makes you happy, then keep doing it, if not, then you need to find what does bring you joy!

I personally love your posts whether they are of art, tutorials or even a look at your beautiful home. :)

Mary Gunn FUNN said...

YOU ROCK, Vicki!

My customers love you and your work as much as I do, don't you, ladies!?!

In my very unscientific study, you are one of the most, if not the most, popular CTMH Consultant bloggers - you are Tresa.

"Never give up, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn." Herriet Beecher Stover
Stamp from Perfect Day.

Now, you have a perfect day, too, knowing how many people think you are a Van Gogh, a Manet, a Mattisse, a Monet, a Picasso, you are a masterpiece maker!


Brenda said...

Vicki, much like Karen, I understand what you are saying. There are times that we take a lot of time to create something that is absolutely gorgeous, take the time to post, and then....nothing. I tend to rely on my feedjit widget then to see if people are reading. That helps! Know that you inspire me greatly, and I love to come to you to be inspired for clean detail. Does that make sense? I love how you create but keep clean lines - just lovely! Keep at it my dear, you are one of the best!!

Missy Brown said...

Oh, please, please don't feel that you are making no difference. I know that i look at your blog EVERY day. I mean EVERY single day I check to see if you have added something. And I know that there are many others that read your blog on a regular basis...I know because we have all talked about it. You are an inspiration to so many people. I'm sorry that we don't always make comments and maybe we should all work on that and make a point to comment on your fantastic artwork. Just know that we love you and are inspired EVERY DAY by your blog. Keep it coming!

Cr8ive ME said...

I love your blog. I've been lurking here a while but hadn't commented until now.

You really inspire me.

Wendy Coffman said...

You are one of my favorite artistic heros, Vicki! Everytime you post it's beautiful - and becasue I mostly get to check email on my phone or in the middle of the night I am terrible at getting out to comment. It's one of the things I put onto my list of blogging goals is to just comment more and spread the sunshine! When you leave a comment on my blog, it makes my whole day. I literally tell my husband in hushed tones of awe, "Vicki Wizniuk wrote a comment to me!" I refer people to your blog constantly. Your tutorial on how to edit blog photos changed my life. I hope you never quit blogging - I (and many others I'm sure) would miss you very much!

Carol said...

Love your work. Keep posting . A huge fan.

Melissa said...

Count me in too! Like everyone above, I check your blog at least 3-4 times a week to see what you've been creating. Thank you so much for taking the time to do what you do, it really inspires a lot of people!

Janet Hamilton said...

I must add to the list of those who admire and are inspired by your lovely creations. PLEASE keep sharing with us--we are out here even though we don't always comment.
I really look forward to your inspiring ideas.

Diane said...

Love your blog and I get so many great ideas! I promise to thank you more. You are very appreciated!

Kristen said...

Half my "paper crafting" board on Pinterest is YOUR STUFF! I wish there was a way to track how many people pin your artwork, because I think you'd be amazed at how many people you inspire.

Mary Anne said...

I love your artwork. I hope that you will keep sharing with us. I always check your work when I need inspiration. Thanks for all the help that you give those of us that just lurk and don't comment. We love you!

Anonymous said...


I've been following your blog since I started as a consultant almost 4 years ago. I've only left one comment - I'm really terrible about doing that - but I've always been here. Your artwork has inspired me in so many ways, and your blog is one of my favorite places to stop by. I've learned so much from you about creating simple and elegant projects, as well as learning how to edit and post my artwork. I think there are a lot of people like me who are always here, but just don't say anything. I'll try harder to leave posts so you know you're not talking to yourself.


Kigz said...

Vicki, please don't stop blogging! You are a huge inspiration to me with all of your fabulous designs. I am so sorry that I don't always leave a comment--I think that is the one drawback of receiving the emails since I don't even necessarily visit the blog then. I am a huge fan of your work and would be terribly disappointed to not see it. I see I am not alone too! ;)

May I add that your background paper stamping on this one exhausts me! How amazing your endurance must be! The tree is gorgeous--I love the technique. See, one more thing for me to attempt sometime!

joyceharms said...

I check your comments everytime a project is posted and I love your projects; just guilty of not commenting. As I see from the comments, many others would miss your projects too, if you were to take a break. I do love the look of the burlap on the card...very Fall looking.

lorrikim said...

Keep the inspiration coming! In an inbox full of 'boring,' I always perk up when I receive an update from your blog. Your cards are my favorite. I have a special folder in my email where I save your creations so I can refer to them later!! I'll make a point to do a better job of showing my appreciation for all of your effort. :)

Sharli Schaitberger said...

Oh my,Vicki. I can't possibly tell you how much I love your blog, and how inspiring your art is for me. But I will continue to try to tell you!! I saw your post right after this one and went to see what was going on. If it's about balance, your family comes first! But if I've let you down then shame on me!you actually gave me the courage to start blogging myself, and I have tried to imitate you often ( I hope you take that positively!). Hugs dear friend.

Mary K. Parker said...

Vicki, Blotting is a pretty thankless job most of the time and wile it LOOKS great on the viewing end, I KNOW how much time goes in to getting it that way. That is time away from family, creating, and other fun things. My blog needs to be updated so bad, I have apx 11-12 pages beside me to post.

Take a definitely deserve it! But I will miss you!!!

Jes said...

HI Vicki,
I always enjoy seeing your posts. I've been inspired many times from your projects & stamplift them! Your work is awesome & I'm sure many people appreciate it. Take time for yourself, get regular massages & prioritize what's important to you. If you need a break, take one! We will miss you & your beautiful artwork but will always appreciate & love it when you post them.
Hang in there!

Stephanie C. said...

[I tried typing this from my phone at 11 AM but I was having technical difficulties]

What a beautiful card! I love the texture of the burlap and now I know how I can use that scrap burlap I bought at the fabric store.

I enjoy reading your posts! You are creative and a talented artist. I get your posts through FeedBlitz and there doesn't seem to be an easy way to comment... so I don't. I can understand why that make you feel alone - you're blogging to several people who read your blogs via email and we don't comment. I am a blogger as well, and life has gotten in the way lately and I miss my blog. It is certainly more fun to create art than to photo, edit, type and share - but your posts inspire us and this dismal feeling will pass. We are all here enjoying your posts and aren't rushing you, so take your time and enjoy creating art on World Card-Making Day. We will be here when you return. :-)

Carrie said...

Hi Vicki,
I have been following your blog for about two years now and I look to see what art crafting you have created. You have a bueatiful gift and I love you share it with us. My Aunt is a CTMH consultant and recently met you at the reginals in Edmonton. I had passed your blog on to her over a year ago and she too know follows you. She told me she met you there and it's kind of like a ahh momment for her and I that she met you. I have gotten so many ideas from you and I would really miss that.
Keep posting because I too check daily to see what you have created. :)

kannankrew said...

I dont post because its too frustrating- this the 3rd try to post this comment!
But my lack of commenting in no way reflects your work.
I LOVE YOUR WORK and look forward to it everyday.
My friends think I'm so creative- no! I just copy well from the masters!
Keep up the GREAT work!!


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