Thursday, September 19, 2013

Craftiness of another sort...

So Lee and I found this cute barn styled bird feeder at Bass Pro Shop this summer.

It claims to be squirrel proof.

We were thinking it might help with the silly chipmunks, too.

Apparently not.

There were actually two of them in the feeder, but one got scared off when I came out to take photos of them.

I'm guessing the squirrels must weigh quite a bit more than 2 chipmunks and the bird that were sitting on the collapsible bar.

Squirrel proof.  Makes me laugh...

Ha ha ha.


Karen Day said...

Gorgeous wildlife photos, Vicki!! And this doesn't remind me so much of a 'barn' - more of a 'lovely cabin overlooking a lake'. Smile.

Kim Richardson said...


Kim Richardson said...


Bananastamper said...

Fab photos! Thanks for sharing.


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