Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Some Kinda Wonderful Layouts

Sadly I had no one interested in this layout class.

Not sure why, maybe just busy lives or something.

But I love these layouts nonetheless!

Anyways, I wanted to share them with you, as I think they turned out pretty awesome, even if I say so myself!  Haha!  ;)

Happy creating!  :)


Sharli Schaitberger said...

Once again, I really wish we lived closer to you - I'll move to Canada!! It seems like a great idea, especially right now! But, seriously, these are beautiful layouts and I'm so glad you posted them! I hadn't planned to get that paper pack, but will have to get it now!

Krista Hershberger said...

what GORGEOUS layouts!! I'm SURE everyone had something already planned on the date you had this scheduled for :) You should put it out there again, this workshop is gorgeous! :) Beautiful job!!


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