Thursday, May 28, 2009

More school grade layouts using True Fit Folios... and more water, too!

Well, slowly, ever so slowly, I'm catching up on my to-do list of things I want to do. I made these on Monday crafting day at my BFFs (been just too busy to post until now) and now I just need to find some pictures of my son for each of these school years and create the second pages to go with these layouts, pinpointing the highlights of each year. Just like I had done for his Grade 3 LO I previously posted. These pages will store the important papers/artwork/report cards for his school year.

Yesterday, before I was going to post these pics, my son pointed out that I made a boo-boo. I stamped the wrong teacher for the Grades 1 and 2 LOs, so I had to somehow fix it and re-take the pics before posting.

What I used (all CTMH unless otherwise noted):

All LOs:
True Fit Folios
Classmate Alphabet stamp set
Circle Around stamp set
Chocolate Alphabet Small stamp set
Silver eyelets (attached using my Crop-A-Dile)
Tag punch (SU)
Large Circle Coluzzle
Black and Grey Wool inks
Black Journal pen

Grade K LO: Classic Alphabet Dimesional Elements; Days to Cherish B&T (long retired); Outdoor Denim, Tulip, White Daisy and Garden Green CS; Garden Green Brads

Grade 1 LO: Classic Numbers Dimensional Elements; B&Ts (by Scenic Route); Outdoor Denim and White Daisy CS; Cranberry Brads

Grade 2 LO: Classic Numbers Dimensional Elements; Stardust B&Ts; Topiary, Sunflower and White Daisy CS; Sunflower Brads

But before I could post my re-takes yesterday, I was interrupted with supper, soccer practice and soccer game, then when we came home after soccer, our basement was WET! Ugggh! The basement toilet was flushed before we left and the valve thingy didn't close properly due to the chain getting stuck in it somehow, and the water kept coming. We live out of town, and after our septic tank (which thankfully is attached to our local sewer system) filled, the clean toilet water started coming into the basement. We knew something was wrong when we got home and could smell the septic tank outside and I could hear the water pump running in the house, with no one at home and no reason for it to be running unless the water was running. We were gone for 2 1/2 hours and it had been running the whole time. Our cistern was almost empty of water and thankfully we got home when we did, because if we ran out of water it would have blown our water pump, too. So I got to take out our handy dandy shop vac and clean up the mess for an hour or so. It really could have been so much worse...

I'm so over water in the basement! When we bought our house 9 years ago, it was not disclosed that there were issues with water. Our house is built into a hill and there are natural spings all over the hills in this area, I assume they all are going down towards the lake. Since we moved in, we have re-landscaped the back yard to have the slope going away from the house, and put in 2 sump pumps (different years and different Spring-time floods) and it seems to have finally fixed the problem. I can't believe this house didn't have a sump pump! Anyways it's been a lot of work, along with the money to replace carpets, and such. I'm so over water in the basement!!!

So we are planning on building a home next year, which will be our first time building. We have decided to build up... no basement! Last night after cleaning up the latest wet mess, I suggested that we build a water house, basically a shed (outside and separate from our new house) that houses anything to do with water... toilets, showers, washer (and dryer)... but my husband didn't seem to like the idea. Go figure! lol :D


Sheila said...

Your school year folders are wonderful! What a great way to show your son's growth. :)

Heather said...

Sorry to hear about all of the water! Ours flooded in April (a frozen hoze bib) and we're still waiting for the restoration guys to 'fix' the basement :P I LOVE your layouts and will definately lift this idea for when the boys start school! TFS!

Karen said...

Love the folio layouts. I wish I had been a scrapbooker when my kids were little. I am still playing catch up. It's a good thing I like the playing part. I think when I get all caught up I will actually be sad, so I am just enjoying the process.

Sharli said...

I love the school year folders, these are just wonderful and the photos of your little man - my how he has matured over the years! What next? High School graduation???

I'm so sorry about your flooding - I do NOT envy you! I do love your idea of a water house and can totally see why you suggested it! Men are so narrow minded sometimes. (tee hee)

Helen Onulak said...

Love the folios and how you designed them with the scoop on the side - very nice.

Vicki - I left a present for you on my blog :-)


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