Wednesday, May 5, 2010

OMGoodness, I actually won!!!

Okay, so for everyone who thinks they'd never win blog candy or contests of any sorts, this post is for you!  I did the Royal Blog Tour, my first time, and I found out this morning that I won the grand prize....  I won a BIG SHOT!!!  How cool is that???  I'm still in shock, actually.  ;)  And I noticed in my haste to reply to the email I received that I forgot to mention my ever-patient, ever-understanding (of my papercrafting) husband in my little bio.  Oops!

Wow, I was amazed at all the talent the Royal Blog Tour peeps have!  I found a lot of new inspiration and a lot of new blogs I am now following.

Here's the Home Blog for The Royal Blog Tour peeps so you can check it out yourself.

Happy Creating!  :)


Carla said...

Wow, that is awesome!
Congrats Vicki!

Amy G said...

Congratulations! You so deserve it. Your artwork is absolutely amazing. Enjoy your new toy! :)

pweaks said...

I was in shock when I won my first blog candy also. It was the first time I entered to win something on a blog and I won. When it came I felt so special! Congrats on your win Vicki!!! Enjoy your prize.

cdutchak said...

Congratulations Vicki! It is exciting that you won.

Dawn said...

Congratulations! How exciting for you.
I love winning also, it always just amazes me when I do. I hope you don't own the big shot already and have lots of fun playing

Vicki Wizniuk said...

Thanks, ladies! :)

I don't have a Big Shot (yet), but had been considering getting one, so this is such a surprise for me! Can ya tell how excited I am??? Yippee! :)


WOW Congratulations!!

Tammy said...

That is an AWESOME prize! You are the perfect person to do such great work! Congrats!

Jamie Harder said... exciting!!! Congrats!!

Nancy Ball said...

CONGRATULATIONS, Vicki! I already thought you were a big shot and now you have one to use, too!


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