Monday, October 18, 2010

Wildlife artwork, anyone?

The love of a piece of art is all very personal to each individual.  We all have differing tastes and styles.  Lee has been looking for a piece of art to hang on his wall at work for quite a while now, and he finally found one, actually two pieces he liked and purchased.  The second one is now hanging in our home and I can't wait to see it up on the wall in our new home.  The artist just happens to be a next-door neighbour to Lee's sister who lives in Clairmont, AB.  His name is Des McCaffrey and you can check out his BLOG to see his work. 

Side note:  You should see his home.  Log house.  Beautiful.  There's photos on his blog if you want to see it.  I got to tour around it looking for ideas and inspiration for our new home on the lake.  ;)

This is the one piece Lee has hung up in his office at work, called Spirit of the Kakwa (named after the Kakwa falls approx. 150 km southwest of Grande Prairie, AB).  I love the eagle flying.  The movement draws me in.  And it's perfect in his office.  He recently had bought a small piece of art of a close-up of an eagle's head, so this works perfectly with it.

And this one below, I just love.  It's called Northern Frontier.  He has another piece that we want to get, too, that goes with it, called Northern Tranquility.  And a there's even a third piece that Des is currently working on in his studio with a wolf pack that seems to go with the series.  Can't wait to see it when it's completed! 

I dont' know why, but I think I have a thing for wolves.  I gave Lee a pencil drawing from a local artist years ago of a wolf.  I was happy that Lee and I have the same tastes.  The ones I picked as my faves ended up being the same ones he wanted.  That must be why we're together, huh?  lol

Anyways, just wanted to share a little.  :)


Lorrinda said...

Hi Vicki,
Just had to comment on this post...I have a Desmond McCaffrey painting in my house and I love it. I also have a Carl Brenders wolf painting. Seems like we have the same taste in art, or just a love of wildlife.

On another note, I grew up in a log home (parents still live there), and while they look very pretty I must say I would not build one for myself. Things like re-wiring and replacing plumbing fixtures are a nightmare (solid log walls means zero access). Also, the critters love these homes because of all the nooks and crannies to hide in, especially when these homes are new and the logs haven't settled yet. At night the moths used to come out when the lights came on...and more than a few mice scurried past (did you know mice can climb walls?) In a home full of girls my Dad was a big hero. That being said, I do love going home at Christmas, nothing is better than a 10 foot Chrismas tree and a huge roaring fire in the stone fireplace.

I hope you post pics of your new home when it's done, the pics you've posted so far look amazing. I'm so jealous!

Sharli said...

Just beautiful - I love that you and your DH have the same love in art (among other things!). Maybe that's the key . . .


Jessica said...

Love the wolves. I have a thing for them too. They are just so beautiful. But being a dog lover, I think it just go with the territory.


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