Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy Anniversary!!!

11 years ago today... we were married.

We were married in our home by Ella Frazer, Justice of the Peace.
It was cold, and blizzard-like conditions outside.
Not many people were able to travel to be there.
But it was perfect, anyways.  :)

Here's to the next 11!
Love you.

(Photo was taken at the annual company Christmas party, Banff, AB, Nov. 2010)


mamichelle said...

Happy Anniversary!

Elle The Heiress said...

Happy Anniversary! My first one was just a few days ago. =)

Sharli said...

Hi Vicki - Happy Anniversary!!! You two are such a lovely couple!

Gina Brandstetter said...

Happy Anniversary Vicki! We share the same Wedding date! Today is my 27th Anniversary. May you have just as many happy years!

Me said...

Aww! What a beautiful picture! Happy Anniversary, Vicki, here's to many, many more :-)

Nancy Ball said...

Happy Anniversary, Vicki! My 16th is coming up on the 28th!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary Vicki!! My husband and I celebrated our 10th on December 29th. Congratulations and you guys are just so perfect together. Hugs for many more years.

Becky B. said...

Hope you had a wonderful anniversary!! Wishing you many, many more years of bliss!!


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