Thursday, February 10, 2011

Photo update of the new house...

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Here's some pictures of the progress on our house...

This is what the living room looks like, with scaffolding everywhere.  Josh and Matt have been busy putting up all the cedar tongue and groove ceiling, and they completed that part of the job yesterday.  I believe they will be lightly sanding the beams and finishing them with a coat of varnish today.

 This is our main crew of Matt, Josh & Aiden who built this beautiful home.  {Don is missing from the picture.}

And this is the part I'm excited about... our rock guy started work on our fireplace a couple of days ago.  I'll try to post another updated picture of the progress because by the time I left there yesterday, he'd begun putting the stonework up.  And I likey!  ;)

Okay, and what has been keeping me so busy...
the painting.

Main floor bathroom
paint color:  Delicate Mist (Behr)

Master bedroom
paint colour:  Toasted Marshmallow (Martha Stewart)
{the big pile of wood sitting in there is our hardwood for the living room, kitchen, hallway & stairs}

Cole's room
paint colour:  Grandiflora (Beauti-Tone)
{he wanted his walls to be black or purple, but was willing to compromise with grey... I picked a bunch of colour swatches and this one was his choice}

Master bath
paint colour:  Delicate Mist
{colour may change due to the tiles I like}

Media room
paint colour:  Warm Nutmeg (CIL - I think)
{just trying to get the right colour... we're going to go with the lightest brown, which is the largest area painted on the left}

Scrapbooking room
paint colour:  Artesian Well (Martha Stewart)
{I can't wait to get in there to paint... but it will be awhile because all the trim for the windows and doors are getting primed and painted in there right now...}

Well that's it for photos for today -- I see I forgot to take pictures of a couple of other rooms that are done.  Gotta get back at it! 



Lorrinda said...

You must be so excited! It looks fabulous!

Kristine Ponte said...

Oh my word Vicky! I would be in complete heaven...mess and all...just knowing how beautiful it looks now...and that it is only going to look more gorgeous in the coming weeks! You amaze me with all that is going on that you can keep creating and posting :)

Karen Pedersen said...

I love 'living' this with you. Your home is turning out so beautifully!

mamichelle said...

Oooh, it looks beautiful! Love the color you picked for your scrap room!!!

Lisa Fowler Windsor, CO said...

Absolutely beautiful! Love that ceiling! We built our home a year ago--and I'm so impressed that you are taking on the painting! That is a huge undertaking. I've enjoyed following the progress of your house!

Tina said...

Thanks for posting more pictures of your house! I love seeing how far you are.


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