Monday, February 14, 2011

Some more photos of the house...

Happy Valentine's day!


I took some more photos of the house yesterday morning to share with you...

Look how yum, yum, yummy the fireplace is starting to look!  The opening on the end is for stacking/storing firewood.

The media room has it's first coat of paint.  It's a nice, warm & cozy chocolatey milk colour.
I told Lee that it's either going to make me crave chocolate more so, or I'll be sick of it and won't crave it as often... we'll have to wait & see.  ;)

This is the mudroom.  I painted it a colour called Arctic Lichen.  I found the paint chip at Rona.  It's a much more vibrant, spring-green colour than it's showing in the photo.

This is the laundry side of the laundry/utility room.  It's painted a light-tan colour called Solo by Beauti-Tone at Home Hardware.  {It's looking a little peachy in the photo, but it's really not... just the lighting.}  I think it will look good with my Tango Red washer/dryer set...

{at least I think it's this model... we purchased the set last August and they're still sitting in their boxes, as well as all our other appliances}

This is the spare bedroom {aka my painting supplies room} on the main floor.  It's painted a colour called Toasted Marshmallow by Martha Stewart, a colour I'm using through the majority of the house.

I can't wait for this room to get painted, though it may be one of the last ones to get done... it's my crafty space...all 627 sq. ft. of it!  Lee measured the room up for flooring yesterday, so now I actually know how big it is.  Doin' the happy dance!  I'm going to keep the slanted ceilings white, and paint the Artesian Well colour on all the flat walls.  I'm still trying to find the perfect white or off-white chandelier to hang from the center beam {right at the most upper point of the dormer} directly over where my work tables will be set up.

Still so much more to do...  keep tuned!


I'll be announcing the winner of the $25 Giveaway for CSN Stores tomorrow.  There's still a little more time to enter. 
{Open today until noon MST}
Good luck!


mamichelle said...

I love the colors you've chosen! And that craft space will be amazing!!

Nancy Ball said...

Beautiful colours......I'm so excited for you to create in your amazing new room. Thanks for sharing pictures of your progress.

Ann Schach said...

Beautiful rooms! I want to come and live in your craft space! lol

Lauren said...

Wow! Your home is going to be great when it's all done. Thanks for sharing all the photos. It's fun to see the progress!

Amanda said...

It is looking sooooo good Vicki...I might have to steal some of your paint colours;)

Ken said...

I love the House Wizz,,,,,When is the house warming??? I just might have to come up there for it. (MIGHT) :-) Looks like your doing a fine job with the paint colours Vicky,,,, can't wait to see the end product.


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