Friday, March 18, 2011

Latest pictures of the new house...

There's lots of changes since the last time I posted pictures of the progress.

  • I've finished painting.  Whew!  That was a huge job and I'm so happy to be done.  {I'll just have to go in and fix the dings and marks on the walls after all the trades are done.}
  • The hardwood maple floors have been installed in the living room, hallway and kitchen, and stained and oiled.  There was enough wood floor planks left over to do our master bedroom walk-in closet, too.
  • The window trim has been installed throughout the house.
  • The rails have been put up around the loft/hallway area in the upper floor.
  • The firplace rock has been completed and the mantle built.  The area around the mantle will be grouted today and then the rock will be able to be sealed right away.
  • The laminate flooring has been installed in Cole's bedroom and will be completed in my scrapbooking room today.
  • Lino was installed in the laundry room and mudroom.
  • The kitchen install has begun.  Lee will be picking up the rest of our appliances this weekend from cold storage at his sister's place.
Next week the carpet and the rest of the linoleum will be installed.  We will just have the tiling in the main entryway into the main floor bathroom, and the tiling in the master bathroom to do for flooring - and the tiling in the master shower and around the tub will need to get done, too. 

Once the flooring is done, they can start installing all the doors, and then the door trim and baseboards.  As well as some trim work around the beams, where the gyprock doesn't quite meet the beams perfectly and there are gaps. 

And the stairs need to be finished with hardwood and rails. 

The plumbing/ductwork is still a work in progress, too.  I think he should be done soon and then we can start up the geothermal heating system.  Right now the house is being heated by two little heaters.

Still lots to do... but on to the photos. 

I re-painted Cole's room in a warmer, kinda muddy grey called Graceful Grey - Behr.  I like it much better.
Plus his laminate flooring he requested is installed now.  {He didn't want carpet, I think so he can build lego's and stuff easier on the floor.}

It's hard to get a picture of "Cole's" little bathroom, but I painted the walls in the same Toasted Marshmallow colour as the majority of the house.

These pictures were taken last night before the sun set.

The kitchen cabinets are going in... these pictures will take you around the room.

Here's pics of the rails on the upper floor.

Here's what the fireplace looks like from the loft.

This is my scrapbooking room.  They started installing the same laminate as what's in Cole's bedroom and will have it completed today.  The cool thing about this laminate is that it has a built-in rubber backing, so they don't have to lay anything under it before installing it.  It's a nice, thick 15.3 mm laminate in a hand-scraped style that we found at Costco.

Looking down to the end on the left side in the picture below... that's where some upper and lower cabinets will eventually be installed, with a little sink and mini-fridge.  And the doorway beyond that is the main entrance for people to come through from the garage below for my future workshops/classes.

And one last picture is of Lee, getting the lighting ready.  He's up on a 10' ladder in the living room, just to give you a feeling of height in this room.  {He's 6'3".}

That's it for now.  Gotta continue with my packing!



Elle The Heiress said...

I love so much about your house! The gray paint. The fireplace. The huge window. The scraproom.

Karen Pedersen said...

It has been so much fun sharing the process and excitement of building your home with you. It get more and more beautiful with each installment!

mamichelle said...

Wow, it's really coming along! Love the laminate color with your scraproom paint! And I thought I had big windows!

Ann Schach said...

Oh my gosh! Your new home is beautiful! What a wonderful place you will have for stamping!

Gloria said...

Just beautiful! I love all the updates. Can't wait to see it all completed.

Jayma Malme said...

Your home is so stunning. It's going to be worth the long wait once you're finally inside. And oh. my. gosh. jealous of that scraproom! And the fireplace. And the huge kitchen ;) Love reading/seeing the updates!

Mary Gunn FUNN said...

Your house is going to be just beautiful and I'll keep a bag packed to come up for a crop!

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