Friday, June 3, 2011

Yes, I'm still around... :)

We still do not have internet at our new home yet. (I'm posting this from my BlackBerry.)  The joys of living out of town!  We finally just got our phone line hooked up after about 7 weeks of dealing with Telus... ugh!  And we finally got our old home listed to sell after replacing the collapsed septic tank.  Now we can focus on unpacking the new place and working on the driveway and a bunch of other exterior work that needs to get done.  Gosh, will it ever be done???  lol

Sorry for my absence and lack of posts.  I really can't wait to get into my new scrap room to play.  Thanks for your patience and for hanging in there with me.  I hope to be able to post some artwork soon. :)


Arielle ~ SnappyStamper said...

Hey there! Good luck with all the unpacking and stuff, don't worry - we'll still be here!


Gretel said...

Yeah, we might have to suck our thumbs a little longer, but we'll be here when you get back. Don't you worry about that!


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