Monday, September 17, 2012

Regionals: 5 Studio J Layouts

As part of Regionals, we were given an opportunity to create 5 free (digital) Studio J layouts beforehand, and Corporate had them printed for us and ready to pick up at Regionals.
Of course they gave us a few guidelines to follow:
The first two layouts are from the new Express Collections.
I'm embarrassed to admit that I didn't know we had this as a new option in Studio J.
And to my delight, I discovered that I love the layouts in the Express Collections!  Each one is fabulous, and I love that I just simply added photos, journaling and a couple of embellishments to my layouts.  Super fast, and they are gorgeous.

A little story about these yellow sunflowers; they started popping up willy-nilly all over the yard from the birds scattering the seeds we have out for them to eat.  I call that unintentional gardening!  :)

For the next two, we were to create layouts of our choosing using the regular kits and patterns.


And for the last layout, we were to follow some instructions which helped us learn some new techniques. 
For instance, on my own I never would have thought of to use brackets or the lesser than/greater than symbols to create some cool embellishments on my pages.  We were able to do this technique by typing the symbols into a text box, turning them, changing their colours, enlarging their size, and layering them.  Love learning something new.  :)

When you purchase a Studio J layout (for just $6.95), you also get a free JPG file with it, that you can re-print at any size of your choosing, and wherever you want to have it printed.
 There is also the option of just purchasing the JPG by itself for just $2.95 each.

Happy creating!  :)

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