Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Regionals: "Create something with a bag of scraps"...

So we were given an optional challenge in the evening of the first day of Regionals.
We were all given a bag of scraps from various new paper packets.  Each bag handed out to everyone had the exact same patterned papers in the exact same size of scraps to use.
The challenge was to create something using your bag of scraps. 
We were also allowed to use items to embellish from other projects we had done earlier, and use the stamps sets we either received or brought with us on the supply list.
I love me a good challenge.  And this is what I created with my bag-o-scraps...

I quickly took out all of the papers I didn't want to use and set them aside, leaving just the papers from the new Flirty paper packet, and then went to town building a single 12x12 page.
You can't see it in the photo, but the pink strip of patterned paper on the left side is fringed all the way from top to bottom.  The real reason why I decided to do this was because I had a piece of patterned paper that was 6" long, so I cut two strips off at about 1", and I thought the best way to hide where they would join in the middle was to just cut both strips into a fringe.  ;)
The pink photo mat came that size in the bag as a scrap piece, so I didn't even need to trim it.
My title was stamped using the Trinity Alphabet stamp set, and Chocolate and Goldrush inks.
Happy creating!  :)


Casandra Bennett said...

I'm curious how long you had to work with this challenge, and were you able to use a template book or just wing it? I don't know if I could've come up with something so creative in a short amount of time. Cute! Love the burlap ribbon embellishment at the top.

Brenda said...

I love it, and I love this idea!!

Andie said...

Love what you did with the bag o' scraps - it was a fun challenge!! And it was so great to meet you in person :-)

Becca Whitham said...

You have NO IDEA how many pieces of paper I have cut wrong and had to toss. Cutting fringe...BRILLIANT!!!!


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