Saturday, March 29, 2014

Spring Break in Photos

You may (or may not) have noticed that I took a break from my blog.

And that's because we took off to the southern US for Spring Break to visit with the in-laws.

Our first day there, we slept in and didn't do a whole lot other than take in the local "tent city" where you can shop from local people.

Then in the evening we went to a cousins' place for a potluck birthday/farewell dinner.
This time of year, all the "snowbirds" are packing up and heading back up north for the summer.

Cole took this photo of us after supper on one of our walks in the foothills area.

The next day we went with Lee's dad to the Castle Dome Silver Mines Museum.

This is the Castle Dome, which the mines are named after.

On our drive back from the museum, we stopped in at the Yuma Proving Grounds.

There are a lot of tanks (and other stuff) on display.

We had our IDs checked and were allowed to go into the Base and had lunch at their bowling alley. 

Later that evening we went to another farewell party.  This one was hosted by the Gardner's from Fort St. John, the same city we live just outside of.  They do a big BBQ, drinks, and karaoke for probably around 100 or so people each year.  (We went last year, too.)  I didn't take my camera with me tho, so no pics to share.

The next day we drove into California and then across the border into Mexico for a little shopping and lunch.

Cole drinking a virgin strawberry daiquiri.

On the weekend, we mostly just did some shopping at the local malls/stores.

On Monday, the in-laws had to drive some friends to the Palm Springs airport, which is about a 3 hr drive each way, so we took Cole to the Water Park.

Sad to say it is only open on the weekend so we missed it.  (It won't open during the weekdays for a while - I think when school is out for summer.)

But there was also Mini Golf and Go Carts there, so it wasn't a complete loss.  ;)

After the mini golf and go carts, we drove to the old downtown area.  

Cole posed for this picture outside of Lute's Casino Restaurant.

On our last day, I helped out by doing some spring cleaning at the in-laws.

Lee helped his dad with moving patio furniture and other stuff that needs to be packed up and stored away.

They were getting ready to head north, too.

After cleaning, we took Cole to a nearby outdoor swimming pool and soaked up the last of the hot sun before catching an early flight home the next day.

It's been such a long, cold and snowy winter, but it's always good to be back home.



Sharli Schaitberger said...

You were in my state! I don't know how you do it with the type of winter you have had this year!! I,M glad you could get out of the ice box for a few days! Hugs!!

Karen Pedersen said...

What beautiful photos you took to document your vacation!


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