Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Construction Pics...

Yeah, I know... where's the crafty stuff, right?   Hoping to find some time soon to play (maybe tomorrow - but I have to work in the AM).  Today ended up being rather busy, so while I wanted to play, I had too much other stuff to do.  Sucks, but it's really not that bad.  ;)

Last night we took a couple of pictures of/from our new home I'll share with you.

The upper floor has been sheeted and they put in a construction staircase, so we can walk around up there now and get a feel for where the rooms will be.

Great view...

And today they started placing the huge beams with a picker....  all I can say is WOW.  Standing in my living room looking up at the main beam, it looks like it's so far up.  Very cool and hard to describe.  It's one of those "you'd have to be there" kind of things.  I didn't take a photo of it though (insert afterthought here... hehe).  Will need to do that and post them at another time.

These pics were taken today from the other side of the lake.
You can see some of the beams in these pics...


My birthday is coming up on Saturday... the big 4-1!  So what better way to celebrate than to go shopping with some of my winnings (gift cards to two scrapbooking stores) from the Fall Fair.  Here's what I bought so far... and I still have some shopping to do.  Yes, I am a happy girl.   :)

So my appologies for not doing much crafty posting.  I have a couple of cards in the works, but just can't post them yet.  I have so much new product siting here and I am so wanting to get creating!  My husband did warn me there'd be days like this while building.  Yes, honey... you're right!

Hoping you all are getting your crafty on!
Happy creating!  :)


Carla said...

Your house looks fabulous, I am in envy of the surroundings!!! I am turning 41 on Saturday as well!!!!!! Have a great day!!!!

Tiffany Cheney said...

You are one lucky girl Vicki! I love the location of your house and it looks like it is coming along nicely! CONGRATS on the fair winnings!

Karen Pedersen said...

How exciting. It's so much fun to see your dream becoming a reality a little at a time. I feel your excitement!

TraceyJean said...

I'm enjoying watching your new home come together one nail at a time. The view is absolutely amazing.
I've been debating getting a Cinch, so let us know how you like it when you start creating with it.


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