Friday, August 6, 2010

Just some construction pics...

I was happy to see the main outer wall of the living room up today!  You can see a bit of our view, although it's smoky from forest fires and overcast when I took these pics around noon today.

So who's gonna clean those windows???  Asks the girl who's scared of heights... lol

These pics are of the garage.  I didn't realize that there are glue-laminate beams in there too.  I thought they were just inside the house.   (Though I'm sure my hubby will tell me that he already told me so, 'cause he probably did.)   

This is the view as I drove in.  You can see my car parked to the left...  ;)

It's coming along nicely.  Can't wait to see it with another level (so I can walk around and see the other rooms), a roof, doors & windows, and the Hardiplank siding. 

'Til next time...  :)


Jessica said...

Looks beautiful! Love the living room windows to be and the view.

Sharli said...

How Exciting!!! Your view is fabulous - my goodness! Keep us posted!

Amy said...

WOW! Your views are going to be breath taking. What an exciting time in your life!

Gloria said...

Your view is beautiful! Can't wait for more photos. Thanks for sharing.


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