Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Time for some house pics...

I know I've been attempting to post some older projects, but thought I'd interupt that for a moment and share some current photos of the progress of our new home.


Mudroom door leading into the garage

Looking from the kitchen into the living room

Close-up of the mantle

Staircase is now completed

Entryway floor tiling has begun (and the master bathroom still needs to be tiled)

Vanity installed in upstairs bathroom

Cole's room (most of the doors, baseboards and trim have been installed now)

Bonus room:  Almost all of my scrapbooking supplies are sitting in that pile of boxes... sigh.  : (
I'm going through withdrawls... might just have to set up a table in all the construction dust.

Love this large solid-core door in my bonus room.  (It'll help keep the chatter-noise contained on this end of the house when I'm holding classes...)

I also need to do a trip to Edmonton to make a serious shopping visit to Ikea for some major storage solutions...  those 39" tall sidewalls are a little awkward to find shelving for.  Would love to just order them right now, but the shipping cost would be outrageous for all that I need to outfit this space!

Lee's been busy most evenings picking away at whatever he can.  There's so many things I love about this house.

I've finally reached the point of just wanting to be in there already.  I've been good until now... LOL 
It's just so close to being done.  Gotta have running water before we can move in though, right???



Lydia Bryant said...

Wow, soooo stinking cute and totally my taste.

Karen Day said...

Vicki, you're getting so close!!! Can't even imagine how exciting this is for you :o)

EmileeAnn said...

Wow, Vicki...the house is looking great! Love the color of your scrap room.

Gloria said...

It's just beautiful! I understand about a trip to Ikea. Our nearest one is 2.5 hours and worth the drive so we don't have to pay shipping. Can't wait to see ur room all done up!

Amy said...

Wow, your home is coming along beautifully. I have chosen you to receive the Stylish Blogger Award! Please visit my blog for the details and to play along!

saday said...

It's lookin' great! Your color choices are superb! And ooh...I'd love to cook in that kitchen. Hurry, get some running water!

Sarah M said...

Beautiful house. It is fun moving in and decorating a new house. We just moved in our new house last Dec. and love it! I love the colors you picked.

Tresa Black said...

Your home is so gorgeous! I love the colors.


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